APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced the NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure, the newest product in APC’s superior IT enclosure line offering improved support for high density networking applications. The NetShelter SX Networking Enclosure is designed to support large core networking switches and high-volume cabling applications while maintaining hot and cold aisle architecture within the datacenter. When combined with the new Side Airflow Duct Kit, the Networking Enclosure provides complete isolation of hot exhaust and cold intake air for large switches and SAN directors. In addition, integrated high density cable managers offer enough cable capacity for 768 data ports.   The new Side Airflow Duct Kit is able to effectively direct airflow for switches and SAN directors with side-to-side airflow cooling. Vertical blanking panels are included with the enclosure to prevent bypass air at patching sections. The Side Airflow Duct Kit is designed to be compatible with Cisco 6509, 6513, 9509, and 9513 series switches. The Side Airflow Duct Kit includes two 2U ducts, zero U mounting brackets for the switch, and a side baffle to isolate the switch intake from any hot air from the rear of the enclosure.