Falcon Electric, Inc. announced an optional ten-year rated long-life battery in its SG Series UPS Plus product line. These batteries are rated to last at least twice the service life of standard five-year batteries. Since these new batteries cost more, they will remain an option on Falcon’s flagship line of UPS. The batteries are rated for ten years of expected life in a temperature-controlled environment (up to 25 C). Of equal importance, because of its true regenerative on-line design, the SG Series UPS does not fall into the “over-cycling” pitfall imposed by the “buck-boost” feature of less-expensive “switching”, or “line-interactive” UPS. Batteries are typically the only element of an UPS that requires regular maintenance, other than fans that must be replaced after nine to twelve years. Users are instructed to clean out dust and ensure the environment is free of moisture and is well ventilated.