Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. released the  Series 9900B Series UPS System. With the unity power rating of 750 kVA/750 kW, the 9900B delivers one of the industry’s most powerful and efficient true, on-line UPS products in the market to date. The 9900B, designed with superior quality and reliability, offers energy-conscious managers of large data centers and mission critical facilities maximum power usage effectiveness and low cost of ownership. This is possible due to true on line operating efficiencies that are greater than 96 percent in a package that is 30 percent smaller than a conventional UPS. High efficiency throughout the load spectrum, while in true on-line mode, is possible by means of Mitsubishi’s patented Three-Level Inverter technology rather than gimmicks like economy mode and similar off-line technologies that offer high efficiency but put the critical load at risk.