Emerson Network Power unveiled a Liebert cooling system that can be easily positioned next to equipment racks to deliver focused cooling within the rack row. The Liebert Challenger ITR, which has capacity to cool up to a nominal 23 kW or 33 kW, is a horizontal-flow unit designed for installation within rows of racks in data centers. The unit can be placed anywhere within the row where cooling is needed, and the horizontal airflow pattern enables the unit to be placed on both raised and non-raised floors. The unit’s 91-in. height allows it to be installed in computer rooms or network closets with low ceilings or hanging cabling. And at 43 in. deep, the unit aligns seamlessly with a row of racks. Based on the cooling platform of the Liebert Challenger 3000, the Liebert Challenger ITR provides complete environmental control including cooling, reheat, dehumidification, humidification and filtration.

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