Rittal Corporation released its latest advancement in IT infrastructure solutions-the TS8 Colocation Rack Enclosure. Intensive physical security requirements are met with durable construction, doors with two-point latching, internal hinges, locking handles, and secure cable management-all standard features on one, two, three, and four-door configurations, and all in a 47U H x 600 mm W x 1050 mm D footprint. Rittal’s colocation rack enclosures are optimized for the steadily growing power and cooling requirements of higher density installations featuring fully perforated (64 percent perforation) doors to allow maximum airflow and secure cable management made to accommodate larger cables and cord sets. They are designed with a premium blend of aesthetically pleasing style and enhanced performance-a combination that delivers more quality and value for the money than competitor offerings and makes them ideal both as showpieces and as highly functional solutions for any colocation environment.