Verari Systems 
announced the industry’s first blade-based hybrid server and storage system.
 The SB5255 DataServer combines two Intel 5300 series dual-socket, quad-core 
processors with the highest storage density available in a blade server. The
 combination of blade-based high capacity and low-cost storage with a high-
performance blade server is a powerful enabler for a wide range of vertical
 markets where data and applications such as Web 2.0 need to be hosted on a
 single platform.  Each Verari Systems SB5255 DataServer comprises a SB1205 server blade and 
two SB1056 disk blades. The SB1205 server blade delivers exceptional 
processing power via high performance dual-socket, quad-core processors with
 up to 16GB of memory while the two SB1056 disk blades hold 24 terabytes of
 RAID storage capacity.