SYSTIMAX Solutions bring the ultimate in fiber-optic technology to the Enterprise customer. SYSTIMAX SolutionsTM40-year heritage in fiber-optic solutions enables us to deliver a complete portfolio of G2 Modular Fiber-Optic Shelf System. The G2 Modular shelves feature 1U-, 2U- and 4U-height fully enclosed shelves with the front cable management trough included. The G2 modular shelf system features interchangeable G2 modules, available in SC, ST, and LC for LazrSPEED, OptiSPEED, and TeraSPEED Solutions. The 1U shelf accepts up to 4 G2 modules, while the 2U and 4U shelves accommodate eight and 12 modules respectively. The modules are fully interchangeable and pre-populated with fiber-optic adapters.