Corning Cable Systems LLC has introduced its Pretium EDGE reverse polarity uniboot, which provides quick and easy polarity management in the field without any tooling requirements in three steps:
    Rotate boot 45º, sliding and lifting trigger to remove from assembly
  • Rotate LC connectors 180º
  • Reinstall trigger, rotating boot back to original position
      An innovative addition to Corning’s user-friendly, Pretium EDGE Solutions, the new Reverse Polarity Uniboot provides quick and easy polarity management in the field with no tooling requirements. The Reverse Polarity Uniboot’s clamshell design avoids exposing fibers during the polarity flip. In addition, the connector has a color-coded visual reference for quick recognition of when a fiber has been reversed. Finally, the connector features a removable trigger design that allows for ten different colored triggers that can be used for segmenting network fabrics. The Reverse Polarity Uniboot is TIA/EIA-604-10A FOCIS 10-compliant and is compatible with legacy FOCIS-compliant duplex LC connectors, as well as an LC transceiver interface.

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