Siemon announced that its MTP-based OM4 and OM3 plug and play fiber optic cable assembly products have passed key IEC and TIA/EIA performance tests. The test results showed strong performance margins to the 10Gb/s and 40/100Gb/s limits currently covered by the standards. Performed by Experior Laboratories, a leading independent, third-party testing facility, these tests confirm that Siemon’s 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s-ready plug and play assemblies exceed the standards’ strict insertion loss and endface geometry requirements with margins up to 60 percent.

The independent testing was performed across multiple channel configurations that included Siemon MTP-to-MTP cable assemblies in both OM4 and OM3 fiber grades; MTP-to-LC plug and play modules; MTP-to-LC fiber jumpers; LC fiber jumpers and MTP-to-MTP adapter plates.  All Siemon product and channel configurations passed their respective insertion and return loss tests, which were performed according to the latest IEC 61280-4-1 Edition 2 and TIA/EIA-455-171A testing standards. 

These latest IEC and TIA/EIA testing procedures use new Encircled Flux methods, which limit the negative impact of variable launch conditions on the accuracy of multimode fiber insertion and return loss test results. Encircled flux compliance reduces test variability by up to 75 percent versus the previous test methods, ensuring more accurate results and helping eliminate false pass results that can degrade overall network performance. The more accurate encircled flux methods indicated significant performance margins for all Siemon product tested.

In addition, all Siemon MTP connectors passed IEC 61300-3-30 Ed 1.0 testing for performance critical fiber endface geometry.