The Department Of Energy "Save Energy Now" program is partnering with industry leaders to deliver a certification program for practitioners who evaluate energy efficiency in data centers. From an international pool of over 85 applicants, Upsite Technologies Senior Engineer, Lars Strong, was accepted to participate in the Data Center Certified Energy Practitioners (DC-CEP) inaugural class of 30 people.

The DC-CEP program is designed to raise the standards of those involved in the energy assessment of data centers. The program is driven by the principle that significant knowledge, training and skills are required to perform data center energy assessments.

Data center professionals will look to DOE certified practitioners with confidence, knowing they are getting the highest level of service, skill and knowledge in their energy assessments. Individuals who attain DC-CEP certification will have a unique advantage in winning data center analysis, remediation and consulting work in the growing competitive landscape of data center energy efficiency remediation.

Lynley O’Donnell, COO of Upsite Technologies, says “We are very excited that Lars has been selected to take part in the DOE certification program. His selection, among such a highly qualified group of applicants, is recognition of his advanced expertise in data center energy efficiency analysis.” She further states that, “Lars’ participation in the program reinforces Upsite Technologies’ position as an industry leader in providing data center diagnostic and remediation services.”