Coolcentric, a division of Vette Corp, has announced the addition of two new models to its LiquiCool rear door heat exchanger (RDHx) product line, the 47U tall RDHx and wide versions of the 42U and 47U RDHx. These new models allow users to deploy passive, liquid cooling RDHx solutions on a broader range of enclosures that are being used in the consolidation and scale-out of today’s sustainable data centers.

“Today, data center operators are utilizing an array of enclosures that vary in size from the industry standard 42U enclosure”

The new 47U RDHx addresses a critical requirement for cooling higher density server racks that results from vertical expansion as data center operators run out of floor space in which to add new enclosures. Coolcentric’s new taller 47U RDHx meets the cooling needs for the growing number of data centers using enclosures taller than the standard 42U rack. To keep pace with the trend toward taller enclosures, Coolcentric’s new, tall 47U RDHx has been designed to attach to industry-standard 47U and 48U high enclosures and is available with top- or bottom-fed chilled water connections.

Wider enclosures are also becoming more commonplace to accommodate network cables, power cords and vertically-mounted power strips positioned in the rear of enclosures. A wide enclosure that is 29 inches (735 mm) or greater allows better cable management and improved airflow out of the enclosure. Despite improved air flow in wider enclosures, there is still a need to cool the increased heat density as IT managers more fully populate their racks. Coolcentric’s wide 42U and 47U RDHx, which are 29 inches (735mm), address these cooling needs. Both wide models RDHx are also available with top- or bottom-fed chilled water connections.

“Today, data center operators are utilizing an array of enclosures that vary in size from the industry standard 42U enclosure,” said Mike Gagnon, director of global marketing for Coolcentric. “With limited room to expand, operators are migrating to taller, higher density racks that traditional CRACs can no longer adequately cool. Similarly, wider enclosures being used for better cable management have higher densities requiring an energy efficient, cost-saving cooling solution. With Coolcentric’s expanded LiquiCool product family, data center operators now have both the sizes and additional cooling capacity they need for these higher density environments.”

Coolcentric’s LiquiCool turnkey solutions include a LiquiCool RDHx, which replaces the standard rear door of an IT enclosure and uses a low-impedance fin and tube coil through which chilled water is circulated. The hot exhaust air ejected by rack-mounted IT equipment passes through the LiquiCool coil and is cooled before re-entering the data center. The solution includes a Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU), all related installation hardware and conditioned water.