, the industry consortium driving market innovation in today's blade-based solutions, announced Technology Symposium (BTS) 2010 - a one-day forum that will take place Wednesday, June 9, 2010 running from noon to 3:30 p.m. EDT. Technically oriented and future thinking, this year's event will explore the Dynamic Data Center, exploring advancements and future directions with respect to virtualization, scalability and power efficiency.

BTS 2010 will convene vendor members of the blade ecosystem, end users, analysts and other key stakeholders to discuss the most important trends affecting the blade server community. The third-annual symposium will offer guidance on how to leverage innovation in blade-based solutions to future proof your data center as technical executives and senior technologists from APC by Schneider Electric, BLADE Network Technologies, Emulex, NetApp, QLogic, and Virtensys each present their high-level vision of the future technology over the next eighteen months. Dr. Tom Bradicich, IBM Fellow, and VP, Systems & Technology Group, will serve as this year's keynote speaker and emcee.

" Technology Symposium 2010 will be rich in technical insights from leading IT industry technologists about how to best prepare for and leverage the next wave of technology innovation to optimize your data center," says Bradicich. "The half-day event will be fast-paced, concentrated and revealing."

BTS 2010 presentation topics will include:
  • PUE Hype -- Setting Realistic Expectations
  • I/O Device Sharing
  • Driving Power efficiency into the CPU and silicon
  • Cloud Storage -- What it is and How it will affect You
  • End to End Plumbing in Dynamic Datacenter
  • One Size Fits All? A Case for CPU-I/O Disaggregation's vision for future optimization of today's data center includes the following:


In trying to do more in the data center with less, or at least more with a lower cost of acquisition and maintenance, the IT manager has increasingly turned to blade servers and virtualization technologies to increase data center productivity, flexibility and accrue savings in hardware acquisition, environmental costs and administration of the data center.

"I/O device sharing eliminates the constraint of rigid form factors providing increased flexibility and a new level of dynamic I/O provisioning capabilities," said Technology Symposium speaker Alex Nicolson, CTO, Emulex. "With I/O device sharing data center managers will be able to achieve more precise capacity planning, cost allocations and quality of service agreements for each application and user."


Today's enterprises are seeking cost-effective, high-performance solutions that alleviate critical IT infrastructure problems while scaling datacenter performance. Scalability allows IT managers to grow their data center from a small system to a large system using the same system or set of tools and thus minimizing cost.

Power Efficiency

As power and cooling costs continue to rise, companies are continually looking for new and innovative ways to optimize today's data center. Recent advancements in data center metrics make it possible to reduce IT costs.

"By calculating Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), we are able to understand how efficiently a data center is using power to support its computing loads," explains Wendy Torell, senior research analyst with APC by Schneider Electric's Data Center Science Center. "It's important, however, to filter out the industry hype on the subject, and to make sure that a company's PUE goals are realistic and achievable."

The Technology Symposium is free to attend and is open to member and non-member companies and end users alike. Press, analysts, and bloggers are also encouraged to attend. Register today