ITeego, a tech recruiting firm, today announced a new promotion that enables organizations with an excellent employer value proposition to receive a complimentary technical employee placement.

"Our objective for running this promotion is simple: to earn the privilege of doing business with first-class organizations by putting value on the table first. Given the opportunity to prove our value, we're confident that these businesses will engage us for paid searches in the future," said Kevin Jenkins, Search Specialist at ITeego. "It's a win-win scenario for both sides. Businesses save thousands on recruiting fees and we get an opportunity to impress them with our work."

The "Superior Workplaces" promotion is straightforward: ITeego will perform a complimentary search for the client and will not charge them a placement fee after filling the vacancy. Instead of paying a fee, the client will reward ITeego with exclusivity on a second "paid" search. In the unlikely event that ITeego fails to fill the vacancy, the client has no further obligation.

For organizations that already use third-party recruiting services (or are thinking about doing so), this promotion provides tremendous value; the organization gets two new hires for the price of one.

This promotion is available to any organization that offers a "superior workplace." Some of the attributes of a superior workplace include corporate responsibility; employee development and career growth opportunities; diversity; and work-life balance, etc. An organization's commitment to these qualities must be communicated on the career pages on their website.

"We are targeting organizations with a great employer value proposition because they have an edge in attracting top talent. We want to offer the talented individuals who reach out to us with opportunities to join exceptional organizations. As a matchmaker for employers and employees, it's our responsibility to ensure we place these individuals in organizations they will thrive in," said Mr. Jenkins.

ITeego recently announced its revolutionary Performance Payouts fee structure which enables organizations to protect their recruiting fee investments by making them contingent on the performance of new hires. With their new "Superior Workplaces" promotion, ITeego continues to offer the most innovative services in the third-party recruitment industry.