Phoenix NAP, a next generation datacenter and network access point, announced today it will leverage the highly efficient PureWave UPS System to back up all critical load IT equipment.

Developed by S&C Electric Company, the PureWave System is 99 percent efficient thanks to its innovative offline design. Unlike traditional UPS systems, there is no need for PureWave units to continually remanufacture incoming utility power from ac to dc and back again. At full facility build-out, this will save up to 20 percent of total power, or 4 megawatts.

According to Brad Roberts, S&C power quality systems director, "S&C pioneered ultra high efficiency UPS designs over ten years ago to support large critical loads used to manufacture computer chips. The lessons learned in that industry are being put to use in large datacenters. The Phoenix NAP is a great example of the energy savings that can be achieved with an offline, high reliability UPS design."

Phoenix NAP will include two PureWave UPS Systems fed by three power sources. Each unit will have two redundant feeds from the utility and one backup generator.