SANTA FE, NM-Uptime Institute Professional Services announced two major enhancements to the Tier Program by establishing the Owners Advisory Committee (OAC) and the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) to create greater transparency and education within the Tier Classification System. The Tier Classification System is currently the de facto international standard for objectively evaluating a data center’s mission critical functionality and effectiveness. 

Julian Kudritzki, Uptime Institute Professional Services Vice President, says, “These two new elements enhance the value and depth of the Institute’s Tier Program because owners will now be offered a place at the table to incorporate their perspective into the standards-setting process (OAC). Also, design professionals will be offered in-depth training and certification (ATD) on how to practically apply the Tiers.”

For Data Center Owners: The Owners Advisory Committee (OAC) will be responsible for arbitrating future changes to both the Tier Standard Topology and the Operational Sustainability criteria. The Tier Standard Topology relates to the as-built environment and the ability of the site to allow maintenance (Concurrently Maintainable) or suffer a site infrastructure failure (Fault Tolerant) without impacting the ongoing operation of the Information Technology environment. Operational Sustainability addresses other management decisions, including site selection, energy efficiency, staffing, security, work procedures, and other factors. For more information visit

For Data Center Design Professionals: The Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) program is a comprehensive training course for design professionals to enhance their understanding of the practical application of the Tiers, including misconceptions and common misapplications. An ATD Designation will be awarded upon successful completion of an exam.