Data Center Pulse, a recently created organization of independent, vendor neutral, national, and global data center owners has proposed a partnership with the federal government to develop a national standardized power efficiency rebate program related to data centers and other compute-related facilities. Data Center Pulse would provide program development and leadership with rebate funding support coming from a combination of the federal government and utilities.

According to the proposal, “There is no better time than the present for the U.S. Government to take a leadership role in combination with Data Center Pulse to support a nationwide compute infrastructure power efficiency improvement program in cooperation with utilities, utility districts, and business. With Data Center Pulse providing program leadership and management you have the strength of nearly 1,000 data center owners and operators with years of experience and expertise in this space providing a sounding board and “feet on the street” for the entire community of users and partners to leverage. By leveraging the Data Center Pulse end-user community, program development and execution can be accelerated and end-user adoption dramatically increased. More information on Data Center Pulse and its proposal can be found