The 21st Century Data Center Symposium will present timely insight and professional guidance on the complex data center challenges facing today’s businesses. A team of experienced industry experts will present on a range of topics and share their vast experience with the audience.

This unique, one-day conference for senior management will be held at the state-of-the-art Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, overlooking the Charles River. The symposium is designed to help executives plan for the next generation of data centers and get the most out of their existing infrastructure.

Sessions will cover at an executive level:
  • Data Center Strategy and Planning
  • Data Center Design
  • Best Practices – A Real World Perspective
  • Energy Star Guidelines
  • Construction Cost Drivers
Who should attend:

This symposium is designed for individuals with responsibility for approving, planning, and/or building a major critical data center, including:
  • C-Level Executives - CIO, COO, CFO
  • IT leadership professionals
  • Data Center Managers
  • Real Estate & Facilities Professionals
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