Lexent Metro Connect, a leading provider of dark fiber networks in the New York metropolitan area, announces today its plans to extend its dark fiber network into the Telx facility at 100 Delawanna Avenue in Clifton New Jersey. As Lexent’s sixth New Jersey colocation center, 100 Delawanna will expand upon Lexent’s growing latency sensitive fiber routes built between New York and the major colocation facilities hosting financial exchanges in Northern New Jersey.

Telx, one of the largest and fastest-growing domestic interconnection and colocation data center operators, offers Lexent direct and secure access to hundreds of other financial and service provider networks, also colocated in Clifton. Telx customers can then utilize Lexent’s fast, secure and flexible dark fiber solutions to ensure low latency routing to other financial exchanges and trading houses in and around New York metro area and Northern New Jersey.

“Telx provides a managed, network-neutral, secure colocation environment and Lexent provides the flexible and shortest, dark fiber routes,” states William Kolman, Executive Vice President of Sales for Telx. “As financial executives continue to increase their need for low latency, partnering with companies like Lexent offers our customers superior network performance that provides a competitive edge on the trading floor.”

In addition, Lexent announces today its plans to extend the New Jersey latency sensitive dark fiber network further south, with dark fiber builds into Carteret and Piscataway. These locations host additional data centers with a high concentration of financial networks present. Lexent’s continued network extension in New Jersey is further evidence of the rising demand from financial companies, trading houses and exchanges for secure, dark fiber routes with shortest distances available to and from the City. These strategic dark fiber network builds to Carteret and Piscataway, along with the Telx Clifton expansion, further demonstrate Lexent's commitment to providing financial clients in the New Jersey area flexible, and robust network options.

“Lexent has always been committed to providing cutting edge network options for our customers. The need for fast connectivity in the financial community has continued to drive our New Jersey Network expansion in the first half of 2010. It’s our goal to provide the right connections at fast speeds to our customers concerned with latency,” continues Ray La Chance, CEO of Lexent Metro Connect. “With direct access into Telx’s Clifton facility, the financial networks colocated there will be able to connect to hundreds of carriers, business exchanges and enterprises, with a single cross-connect, for fast, dark fiber access into key financial hubs.”