In a press release issued, January 21st, Phoenix NAP announced that it would conduct interactive virtual tours of its new facility. A new interactive tool designed by GSD software made possible the virtual tours, which showcase the layout, design, and operational features of the Phoenix NAP facility.

Accessible through a web interface, the interactive tour takes users through a rich 3D representation of the data center, complete with fiber trenches, mechanical, and electrical distribution equipment, security systems, and room layouts.

“One of the things we wanted to do was really showcase our designs and functional layout to any potential clients or interested individuals, while being mindful of travel costs. Not everyone can jump on a plane to Arizona for an initial tour, and with Phoenix NAP Interactive, they don’t have to,” said Jordan Jacobs, director of operations for Phoenix NAP.

After initiating the tour, visitors can select the level of interactivity they want to experience. A self-guided mode moves users through the facility, an exploration mode lets users control and move an avatar throughout the datacenter, and a meeting mode allows for Phoenix NAP representatives to join visitors in the 3D application to answer questions and serve as a tour guide.

To fully experience Phoenix NAP Interactive,