Coolcentric, a division of Vette Corp, today announced it is teaming with SynapSense Corporation to deliver energy monitoring and management to data centers through its Professional Services organization. Coolcentric Professional Services (CPS) provides extensive expertise in the integration, deployment and support of energy efficient thermal solutions for data centers of any size. SynapSense is a leading provider of wireless instrumentation solutions for data centers.

Coolcentric’s Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) will feature the SynapSense Data Center Monitoring and Energy Management Solution. “SynapSense has developed an enterprise-level operating platform for the world’s leading data centers, and we are pleased that Coolcentric has incorporated our leading technology into its Environmental Monitoring System,” said Peter Van Deventer, CEO of SynapSense.

Simple to deploy, EMS provides immediate visibility to critical locations, processes and equipment within the data center or datacom facility. Comprised of sensor nodes, gateways, and server platforms, the EMS Solution is based on a broad range of innovative technologies that provide unique advantages to users. Using EMS, data center operators are able to assess current operating conditions in real-time. With enhanced monitoring and alerts, users can identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and mitigate the risk of potential issues.

“SynapSense is the perfect complement to Coolcentric’s LiquiCool solutions, creating a comprehensive solution portfolio to drive energy efficiency and thermal management throughout the data center,” said Joe Capes, Coolcentric general manager. “Coolcentric’s Environmental Monitoring System provides data center managers with a window into the efficiency and increased performance derived from using passive liquid cooling.”

EMS eliminates risks commonly associated with hardware and software installation. The non-invasive installation process is accomplished without disruption to data center power or operations. One key advantage of wireless sensor technology is that it can be installed in any facility without pulling cable, connecting to multiple company servers and penetrating the sub-floor or ceiling. The Coolcentric EMS solution easily configures and interfaces with existing equipment for rapid integration and deployment. EMS wireless sensor devices attach to enclosures within minutes and can be repositioned as needed to meet unique customer data center needs. Software installation requires only one server to connect to the EMS network.

SynapSense PowerImaging with power metering and Branch Circuit Monitoring provide data center operators with robust tools to improve energy efficiency. Power metering measures the cooling infrastructure and overall IT load. Branch Circuit Monitoring enables circuit-level monitoring to capture power by rack or cabinet and supports IT load balancing and capacity management.

SynapSense LiveImaging provides thermal, pressure differential, humidity and dew point mapping using real-time data at multiple levels of your data center. Users can literally see hot spots and direct cooling to avoid over-heating or over-cooling. LiveImaging™ pressure mapping enables users to dramatically increase sub-plenum pressure differential, thereby improving airflow to such an extent, that computer room air conditioner (CRAC) units could be turned off.