Norwell, MA-Bluestone Energy Services announced the formallaunch of its Data Center Cooling and Energy Division. Bluestonewill use its new data center division to comprehensively address energy efficiency in data centers. Bluestone will identify and develop cost-eff ective effi ciency measures such as cooling optimization,ultrasonic humidification, and other data center best practices that reduce energy consumption and costs. Bluestone will qualify these comprehensive data center efficiency upgrades for utility incentives-a first for New England.

Bluestone analyzes clients’ existing data center equipment efficiency and operation on a component level, including cooling, UPS, and lighting systems, and then recommends equipment restructuring and replacement that maximizes return on investment.

Bluestone’s Data Center Services Division will provide the following services:
  • Cooling system optimization
  • Equipment monitoring controls
  • Ultrasonic humidifi cation
  • Lighting system design
  • Utility incentives and tax benefits
The Data Center Services Division is being directed by Adam Fairbanks,a technology industry veteran and a VMWare-Certified Professional.