The 7x24Exchange announced one of its strongest programs ever for its 2009 Spring Conference, Managing Data Centers in Turbulent Times. Stuart Varney of Fox News will deliver the conferencekeynote address. Kevin Kealy, a long-time group favorite and security architect at AT&T will tell about When Good Techies Go Bad.

For the first time,Mission Critical Editor Kevin Heslin appears on the program. He will be moderating the program’s eponymous panel session, Managing Data Centers in Turbulent Times. Panelists at that session include:
  •   John Samanns, Principal, Vanguard
  • Glen Neville, Director, Deutsche Bank AG
  • Jim Smith, Chief Technology Offi cer, Digital Realty Trust
  • Rich Werner, Senior Director, Facilities Management, Comcast
  • Dan Costello, Director of Data Center Research, Microsoft
The session will be held on the fi rst full program day.