, the industry consortium driving open innovation in blade-based solutions, announced three new “ Collaborative Solutions” - advanced solutions developed by vendor members working together to help businesses harness the megatrends that believes will define the new enterprise data center: advanced energy efficiency, converged networking and hyper-consolidation.

Blade.orghas envisioned ‘Mega Trends’ that will shape the data center of the future. These over-arching themes, converged networks, advanced energy efficiency, and hyper-consolidation, are focal points for the organization, around which its members are collaborating to address customers’ IT issues and challenges,” said Jed Scaramella, Research Analyst for IDC. The new solutions include:

A new Reuters Market Data System solution for the financial services industry improves the efficiency of automated trading by a matter of milliseconds - a difference that can be measured in millions of dollars.

A new low energy solution for small-business environments builds on the low power use of the IBM BladeCenter S system

The green data center management suite is a software solution that enables a single view of a data center’s IT and physical infrastructure. It combines IBM Tivoli Monitoring with APC’s ISX Central and Schneider Electrics’ TAC software platforms to help users understand the level of energy consumption from both servers and non-IT assets in the data center.