APC by Schneider Electric and Carnegie Mellon University announced the establishment of the APC Fellowships for Data Center Efficiency Research. The APC Research Fellowships support Ph.D. students at Carnegie Mellon with research foci in the broad area of data-center energy-efficiency.

APC Research Fellowships are part of an ongoing collaboration between APC and Carnegie Mellon focused on data-center efficiency. “APC and Carnegie Mellon share the common desire to reduce the energy required to achieve computation and storage goals in data centers,” said Bill Courtright, executive director of the Carnegie Mellon Parallel Data Lab. “Together we are developing new tools and programs to allow even more students to examine these critical issues.”

Working together, APC and Carnegie Mellon are developing measurement environments, such as the Data Center Observatory at Carnegie Mellon, and exploring technologies to improve data center efficiency across all levels, including power and cooling infrastructures, power-conscious cluster design, and virtualization and software control of VM placement.

The APC Research Fellowship program is intended to increase the number of students engaged in data-center efficiency research, and recipients are encouraged to use the Data Center Observatory for measurement and experimentation. Prospective and existing Ph.D. students with appropriate research interests can apply for an APC Research Fellowship. Awarded students must be admitted to and enroll in a relevant program at Carnegie Mellon. The APC Research Fellowship will cover (up to $50,000) tuition and stipend, at the recipient’s department’s standard rates, for one year.

Fellowship applicants will be required to pass an online Data Center University course as well as fulfill Carnegie Mellon’s Fellowship requirements. Data Center University by APC is a program of online courses that focuses on the delivery of knowledge, skills, techniques and processes essential to data center design, build and operations.

For more information on how to apply visithttp://promo.apc.comand submit keycode e281w.