SAN FRANCISCO, CA--Visual Network Design Inc. (dba Rackwise), a leading provider of data center management software solutions that visualize, document, model, analyze, and manage the physical infrastructure of the data center, unveils the release of its Data Center Manager solution in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Named Rackwise OnDemand, this software service is designed for data centers with less than 100 racks. Released at this critical time when cost-containment is becoming front and center for data centers, Rackwise OnDemand has been acknowledged by IT professionals across a wide spectrum of industries as a low cost solution to the complexities of designing, organizing, and managing a data center.

“The largest segment of the data center management market, by volume, requires product features and functionality that are for the most part identical to that of the large enterprise data centers,” said Dom Lesme, vice president and general manager for Rackwise.