PORTLAND, OR - The Green Grid announced Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) on April 21 with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). The Green Grid’s agreement with the EPA will first promote energy efficiency in EPA computer facilities and then broadly share results in order to impact change within both other governmental agencies and the private sector. The alliance with SNIA, formally announced by SNIA earlier this month, is designed to further networked storage best practices for energy efficiency.

The Green Grid’s collaboration with the EPA will accelerate the adoption of best practices for energy efficiency in existing computer/server rooms throughout the EPA. As an initial step, The Green Grid and the EPA will identify an existing small EPA computer/server room as a target for an energy-efficiency showcase and execute a public project demonstrating the feasibility, approach, and benefits of optimization. The results, best practices, and real-world takeaways from this project will be shared with other governmental agencies, industry stakeholders, and the private sector.

 “The goal of the agreement between the EPA and The Green Grid is to build further collaboration between the private and public sectors, and to set an example by improving energy efficiency in federal government computer facilities,” said Roger Tipley, director of The Green Grid. “The Green Grid will play a key role in this project by providing a team of technical experts who will perform the assessment and direct strategies and techniques for maximizing energy efficiency.”

Earlier this month, SNIA announced a formal alliance with The Green Grid. The Green Grid will work with SNIA and its Green Storage Initiative to develop and promote standards, measurement methods, processes, and technologies to improve data center energy efficiencies. SNIA will use its expertise in networked storage and membership (over 400 member companies and 7,000 individual members) to work with The Green Grid on best storage practices for achieving more efficient storage infrastructures, including more efficient storage networking technologies.