Phoenix NAP®, a next-generation datacenter and network access point, announced today that tw telecom, (Nasdaq: TWTC), a leading provider of managed voice, Internet and data networking solutions for businesses across the U.S., has established connectivity within the Phoenix NAP facility, and is offering its industry-leading Business Ethernet services directly to clients of the datacenter for their enterprise networking needs.

“The variety of connectivity solutions tw telecom can offer to clients of our datacenter are well suited to meet the differing needs of today’s businesses. The long history of the company within the networking, data, and communications fields is indicative of tw telecom’s applicable industry experience, and we are excited to have them in our facility,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP.

A long-time metro provider of Business Ethernet services, dedicated Internet access, and data services for enterprise organizations across the U.S., tw telecom has always maintained a strong focus on delivering the industry’s finest customer experience to its customers. tw telecom is currently operating in 75 markets across the U.S., spanning 30 states and Washington, D.C. From those 75 markets, the company delivers connectivity anywhere in the U.S.

“The demand for third-party data center connectivity is growing exponentially,” said Ron Martin, vice president and general manager for tw telecom in Phoenix. “Driven by unprecedented numbers of new applications and the need for reduced power costs and more efficient data storage, management and connectivity, datacenters, like Phoenix NAP, are meeting this demand. We are pleased to connect customers to this and other datacenters throughout the Phoenix metro and the country to help deliver greater storage efficiencies to our customers.”

tw telecom connects nearly 11,000 enduser enterprise buildings to its fiber network, more than any other competitive communications provider. It also has the third highest market share of retail business Ethernet ports in service. With its own metro fiber networks and one of the ten most interconnected IP backbones in the world, tw telecom has the national capability, robust product portfolio and national/local customer care teams to support mission critical enterprise applications.

As a network access point, Phoenix NAP strives to offer its customers a vast array of network connectivity solutions. Clients of the datacenter can select whichever option(s) best meets their needs, and can work directly with a provider, such as tw telecom, or with Phoenix NAP’s carrier neutral sales staff to get service.