March 22nd | Apple Hot News
With iPhone and a visionary in-house app, Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital is defining the future of health care.

March 30th | The Data Center Guru
Sorry for the break everyone, but I had some trouble with my Blogspot account, now solved!

This post is about the EPO. There’s been a major shift in the industry considering EPO. Presently, the EPO is being negotiated out with the Jurisdiction or, in a longer plan, being excluded as a requirement to NEC 645. That’s all good and fine, but let’s talk about the realities of what happens when you actually have an event in the data center.

April 7th | 2 3
The Power Configuration Efficiency Estimator is an interactive online tool that The Green Grid has created as a companion to the “Quantitative Efficiency Analysis of Power Distribution Configurations for Data Centers” white paper. The PCEE tool allows users to recreate the white paper’s configurations and comparisons and create and compare your own configurations by using additional pre-loaded components and creating component with your own data.

April 13th | Data Center Dialog
James Staten does not pull punches. And for an IT industry analyst, that’s a good thing. I first met James a few years back when he joined Forrester during my time at Cassatt. I heard him do a couple of presentations at that year’s Forrester IT Forum, had some briefing sessions with him, and realized that with James, friendly conversations quickly turn into very specific advice and commentary.

April 15th | Digital Realty Trust
Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), the world’s largest wholesale datacenter provider, announced plans today to build out the next phase of over 170,000 square feet of new Turn-Key Datacenters in five major metropolitan markets to meet escalating demand for its move-in ready datacenter space. The new Turn-Key facilities will be built in the Company’s following top markets: Over 53,000 square feet of Turn-Key Datacenter space in Northern New Jersey; Approximately 34,000 square feet of Turn-Key Datacenter space in the London metro area; Approximately 29,600 square feet of Turn-Key Datacenter space in Northern...

April 22nd | Energy and Sustainability Perspective
Wow – am I going out on a limb to answer one of the most hotly debated (pun intended) questions of our times? Well not quite, let me point out that rather un-controversially, I’m not going to offer forward my attempt at answering whether climate change is happening and whether it is being accelerated by anthropogenic activities or whether it’s all just a part of the Earth’s continually...

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