January 17th
@grantimahara Grant Imahara
by Matthew Parente
Ironically, the best defense against a zombie uprising would be a robot army. Maybe that’s how they get us... #iwouldwatchthatmovie

January 15th
@rob_telarus Rob Butler
More data center space for Zayo. Come and get it!

January 13th
@Focus Focus
Where can I find a list of influential analyst #reports for #sales / prospecting #technology vendors?

January 11, 2011 5:49 AM EST | The Green IT Review
Carbon footprinting uncertainty – an IBM rack-mounted server
Back in December researchers at Carnegie Mellon’s Green Design Institute released a paper with the title of ‘Uncertainty and Variability in Carbon Footprinting for Electronics: Case Study of an IBM Rack-mount Server.’

The research was aimed at better understanding the uncertainty in assessing carbon footprinting through a case study of a complex product-the IBM rack-mounted server. The view was that measuring a carbon footprint is not as precise an exercise as might be thought and often assumed in policy making and labeling.

January 10th
@BobbySRQ bobby schmidt
Data Center Campus Switch SuperNAP to Expand by 1.6M Square Feet | WHIR Web Hosting Industry News

January 6, 2011 3:00:00 PM EST | Google Public Policy Blog
Bringing greater transparency to the lawmaking process
Posted by Seth Webb, senior policy manager
The House is also lifting the ban on electronic gadgets on the House floor, and the House Oversight Committee will post all committee hearings on a new, fully searchable YouTube channel called House.Resource.Org.

January 6, 2011 4:00:36 PM EST | Utilities & IT
Reading Now: Best Technology Writing 2010
by Mark Bramfitt

I’ve been reading this book series for the past four years, and always find an engaging mix of articles regarding technology issues for the year.
This edition was no exception, though as the editor, Julian Dibbell, notes in his introduction, the essays are heavily weighted towards all things digital, despite his efforts to seek out writing on other technologies.

There are two articles that expressly deal with data centers: Douglas Fox’sThinking Machine(which I have commented on already), and Vanessa Grigoriadis’Do You Own Facebook? Or Does Facebook Own You?

January 6th
@datacntrgeek Tim Wolfe
Data Center Stocks Drop 4.35% in the 4th Quarter:
http://bit.ly/dVRfdi (due to the Equinix warning in early October)

January 5th
@Dereks12 Derek Schwartz
Texas PUC Falls Back On Legislature’s 2005 RPS Target

January 4, 2011 10:00:00 AM EST |MS Datacenters
Shedding Light on Our New Cloud Farms
By Kevin Timmons, general manager of datacenter services

It’s an exciting time for Microsoft’s data center program. In addition to operating one of the largest global data center footprints in the industry, we have been super busy working on multiple next-generation, modular facilities that are in various phases of construction.

One of our most innovative new data centers is set to open in Quincy, WA, in early 2011 and incorporates key learnings from award-winning facilities that Microsoft opened last year in Chicago and Dublin.

The Dublin facility uses server PODs and outside air economization to cool the servers, which significantly reduces cooling expense and infrastructure costs. We took a slightly different approach with our Chicago data center which utilizes water-side economization for cooling and improves scalability by using IT Pre-Assembled Components (ITPACs.)

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