August 17th, 13:49

@ebaygreen via TweetDeck Cheers to our very own Dean Nelson, honored as one of just five innovators who “changed the data center!”

August 18th, 8:13

@mrseniorjordan via twitterfeed (and many more)

eBay datacenter chief Dean Nelson: ‘We are living Moore’s Law’

August 19th, 10:00 | Intel Press Room

Stressed by Technology? You Are Not Alone

Survey Finds that Half of U.S. Adults Have Done Something Out of Character While Waiting for Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 19, 2010–Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Wireless Internet connection is prevalent in shopping malls, restaurants, and airports. We are expected to answer emails within minutes of receiving them, and people are accustomed to having their mobile devices attached to their hands. However, with constant access and when outdated technology fails to keep up with us, stress ensues-a phenomenon that Intel Corporation is now humorously calling the “Hourglass Syndrome.”

August 18th, 15:15 | GigaOM

WikiLeaks Gets a Helping Hand From Swedish Pirates

In an alliance so obvious that it’s surprising it didn’t happen sooner, secrecy-busting organization WikiLeaks has gotten an offer of help from Sweden’s Pirate Party. The political party, which is recognized in Sweden but has a relatively small base of popular support, says it has reached an agreement with WikiLeaks to provide server space to host files collected by the group. WikiLeaks specializes in publicizing documents that corporations and governments are trying to keep secret, such as the 90,000 U.S. military files it recently released to the New York Times and several other news outlets, and the classified video of a military attack that was leaked earlier this year.

August 23rd, 13:30 | Energy and Sustainability Perspectives

Make Sustainability a Discipline Not an Event

I have the privilege to spend lots of time with customers both large and small. Little by little companies are starting to take sustainability more seriously. Sometimes they do it for brand reputation, cost savings, or carbon footprint reduction as a few examples. Many of these companies report to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Carbon Trust, or one of the many non-governmental...

August 25th, 23:55 | Data Center Migration Blog

The World’s Greenest Data Center

First of all, its nickname is Merlin. Second, it’s supposed to be the greenest data center extant. These factors place...


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