January 20th | GigaOm

Now during my greentech reporting, the same idea keeps coming up, but this time for the power grid and distributed solar in developing countries. Will developing countries that have not yet built out the power grid to much of their population completely skip the traditional power infrastructure and turn directly to distributed solar for power generation? Several analysts and executives recently have told me “yes,” and it’ll happen sooner than we think.

January 27th | vRobM via Seesmic
If the iPad had a serial port it might be useful in the datacenter.

January 27th | rfurlan via Tweetie
Installing a personal VMware server at our datacenter. My future can now be described as: “so many experiments to run, so little time.”

January 27th | CTO Edge

Looking to assuage customer concerns over one of the biggest IT company mergers ever, Oracle outlined its strategic plans for the combined company.

About the only surprise in the plan is Oracle’s decision to retreat from Intel-based server market for Windows in favor of focusing on high-end machines aimed at the data center. This decision reflects Oracle’s core strength in the enterprise and portends forthcoming highly integrated servers that combine processors, storage and networking technologies running Sun operating systems with Oracle database and middleware software. Those systems would then be optimized to run a raft of Oracle enterprise applications.

January 23rd | Loosebolts
I hope in my life I am a quarter as successful as my father was in investing in his peers and reports and ultimately his friends. Its the true definition of success. You will never remember whether you successfully hit a budget target one year to another, but you will remember those times that you and your teams pulled off the impossible. Like all human interactions-its that personal connection that ultimately counts.

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