March 3rd   |
Data Center Pulse announced it has entered into an agreement with The Green Grid to further enhance its ability to influence the industry via collaboration on data center challenges.

February 23rd  |  Intel Press room
WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 23, 2010 ‚ Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini today announced a $3.5 billion initiative to support investment in U.S.-based growth-oriented industries and detailed a commitment to significantly increase jobs available this year for recent college graduates.

March 2nd  |  inside HPC
The Custom Engineering team was formed at Cray to help the company capitalize on its smarts. The idea is that the company has banked a lot of specialized experience related to datacenters and building computers over the decades, and that there is no sense leaving that talent sitting around between gigs inside the company.

Febrauary 25th  |  geekism’s blog
Last month, we killed our first eBay data center. Don’t worry, it had it coming...

Febrauary 28th  |  SilverBack Migration Solutions Datacenter Blog
Utah-based C7 Data Centers Inc. is doing really well so far this year, putting their near-decade of experience and 40,000 square feet of space between their four Utah data centers to good use even in an economic climate which is still far from having recovered.  Utah is a prime location for cautious companies who are keen to avoid the dangers of natural disasters for their data, and enjoy the relatively low cost of energy there.

March 3rd  |  Loosebolts
...I am extremely happy to announce my involvement with the University of Missouri in the launch of a Not-For-Profit Data Center specific organization. You might have read the formal announcement by Dave Ohara who launched the news via his industry website, GreenM3. Dave is another of of those industry insiders who has long been perplexed by the lack of movement and initiative we have had on some great ideas and stand outs doing great work.

March 4th  |  Comments on Loosebolts

It is about time that a group got together and tried to take the complexity and mystery out of building and designing datacenters. I know we are more on the software side of the equation, but I would be very interested in helping the group out with its efforts.


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