Dear Editor:
I just read Cronin’s Workshop: Data Centers Hunt for Power (Fall 2008). One solution to part of the power problem at data centers is to upgrade servers; a solution to the other part is to make the cooling more efficient. I have a product that is proven to make most ac units, CRACs, chillers, and RTACs 20 percent more efficient. It is guaranteed to make them at least 10 percent more efficient. The product has been on the market since the end of 2001. It addresses an old problem called oil fouling. The data center world has not explored this problem because up until recently the electric costs of cooling have not been the main issue for data center operators and neither has the total power consumption of data centers. Besides it is the ac companies’ domain.

Everything takes time to migrate from one area to the next. It is time for IceCold to help data centers.

Mitchell Gelnick
MyPlanet/ IceCld

Dear Editor:
We at DegreeC would argue that one of the best places to “hunt” for more power is right “at home”! (Fall 2008)

Most data centers simply aren’t efficient-for lots of reasons. But, as you know, there are a number of techniques for reducing the demand for power and making do longer with the power you have now.

We just finished an installation in which we turned off (or rather put into ready reserve) almost 1 in every 4 of the client’s CRACs . . . and then raised the setpoints on the remaining CRACs by more than 3 degrees-all without creating any hot spots. And our system will automatically turn back on one or more of the reserve CRAC’s should anything go wrong with the overall cooling.

After all, there’s not much more efficient at power consumption than the data center you don’t have to build yet!

Eric Birch
Executive VP
Degree Controls