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Increased cabinet densities combined with reduced power availability and greatly increasing power costs are driving power monitoring and management solutions within the Data Center. Only through power monitoring, management and control can greater efficiencies be achieved with the key being “You cannot improve what you are not measuring.” As groups like The Green Grid advocate continuous power monitoring at the device level, most IT and Infrastructure Managers are struggling with not only making these measurements, but also what to do with the information.

Intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) technology is now widely accepted, installed and operating globally, providing critical power information along with device control and environmental monitoring. CDU applications include:
  • Load Balancing
  • Capacity Planning
  • Device Power Monitoring
  • Branch Circuit Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Identifying Zombie Servers
This article explores the various monitoring systems typically found within the data center ecosystem and how to navigate getting the required power and environmental information needed to make better decisions within your data center facility. It also looks at how and where these measurements are being made and their significance. Finally it explores business application and uses for this information within these systems.

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